Multi-channel eCommerce

We can design, build your eCommerce website and fully integrate it with Amazon, and This means you can manage your stock from one control panel and sell over multiple marketplaces without having to manually manage your stock or orders. All of this can be done from one area with a click of a button. You can also design custom invoices and packing slips to give the right impression to your customers. Saving many man hours and allowing you to continue to grow or maintain your business without any added hassle.

If you do not require automated stock management or automatic repricing, we do offer tailored packages where we can simply set you up to sell on any marketplace such as Amazon, eBay, Play and Etsy. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Multi-channel eCommerce in Plymouth, Devon.

If you simply want to sell on all the top marketplaces, you don’t even need a website!

Multi-channel eCommerce in Plymouth, Devon.

Fulfilment agent in Plymouth.We can setup and integrate your products into our software which will then automatically list on all the top marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and Play. Your inventory and price management will be totally automated. As soon as an order comes in, the stock level will be adjusted over all the marketplaces you are activated on. Gone are the days where you log into your seller account on a Friday evening and manually change a few prices and hope for the best over the weekend. Our inventory management software has an automatic re-pricer that is built-in, which will constantly monitor the competition’s prices and reprice up or down depending on their prices and based on your re-pricing rules. You simply need to enter your minimum price you are prepared to sell your goods at and a sensible maximum price.

For example, you can set a rule to undercut the competitor by 50p. If they suddenly go up in price a few pounds more, it will simply reprice up but be 50p below their price. Not only that, the pricing rules can be set for each marketplace. So on eBay you may just want a 20% profit margin based on your minimum price you enter for your product. And on you may want to just match the price you have automatically re-priced to on Amazon. The combinations can be as simple or as complex as you need. So you will always be one step ahead.

We have detailed knowledge and experience in the multi-channel selling arena. This means we can offer great advise and tailor your package and price to suit your needs. There are no additional costs for researching how to integrate these sales channels into one because we have the know-how already. This means the prices we quote are always going to be very competitive.

Our multi-channel eCommerce client base ranges from a customer who only has 5 different products selling over 2 UK marketplaces to a customer with nearly 1000 products selling over 8 marketplaces in the UK, Europe and America.

We can also store your stock then pick and pack your orders when they come in all through our partner company Choice Fulfilment Services.

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Multi-channel eCommerce
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