Order Processing and Mail Fulfilment (Pick, Pack and Dispatch)

Our mail & fulfilment services are now being handled by our dedicated partner company Choice Fulfilment (Services) LTD.


Mail Drop Off Service

(only available locally at our fulfilment centre based in Union Street, Plymouth).

We can collect for FREE if you are in the PL1 and PL7 area of Plymouth.

(No contract or minimum packages required. Simply turn up with your mail and we can weigh it and bill you at the same time).

  • Small Package = £0.50 per item.
  • Medium Package = £1.15 per item (with the weight no greater than 300g).
  • Large Package/Parcel = £2.50 per item (with the weight being no higher than 1.5 kg).
  • Extra Large Package/Parcel ranges between £3.50 and £4.50 per item (up to 3.5 kg).

All our mail is collected every night and driven directly to the Royal Mail Inward Mailing Center (IMC) for sorting overnight with the aspiration of being delivered the next day, depending on how far it has travelled from Bristol’s mailing hub (IMC).

All the mail we send is generally delivered within 2 – 3 days
(mostly within 48 hours).

Fulfilment – Warehousing, Product, Pick, Pack and Dispatch Service.

Fulfilment ordersIf you are busy enough and would rather not be packing all day (taking vital time away from growing your business) or if you already have a job and wish to earn extra money on the side, we can store, download your orders, pick and pack your orders all in house. We can download your orders simply by a CSV Feed, Excel document or email confirmations with the relevant information in, such as product name, SKU and address. Although CSV is less time-consuming and cost effective for you.

There is NO setup fee or long term contract when using our fulfilment service.

Fulfilment agent plymouth devon

The typical fees for us to store your goods, wrap and post them are: £0.20 storage, £0.50 pick and pack + delivery.

If you simply want to take advantage of our mailing rates (which are often better than the Post Office), we can do this too. Simply drop off your mail to us and we will charge you at our standard “low” postage tariff. One of our fulfilment-only customers was so happy with our service he came one busy day and had a photo next to all his mail he didn’t pack!

Want to hear how we can help your business? We’re only a phone call away…

Order Processing & Fulfilment
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