PL1 Web Design offers the best range of services for any new business looking for the online exposure the internet brings. We can provide a website to suit your needs. This could be a simple, neat and tidy business showcase website or a full blown multi-channel eCommerce website, complete with a storage, pick, pack and dispatch service (order fulfilment).

If you already have an old website, we can freshen it up with a redesign and bring it up to date. Being a family run business based in Plymouth we know first-hand from the ground up how important it is to grow and thrive in business these days. We have a wide range of other services you may want to migrate to, which include search engine optimisation and social network feed creation & management.

The eight main services we specialise in are:

Web Design

PL1 Web Design PortfolioWe can build any type of website. Whether it’s a professional and neatly designed basic information website or a full-blown 100,000 page eCommerce website, we can help.

We believe communication and understanding is key and giving a professional impression is paramount. This is why for all our projects we meet our customers face-to-face for a consultation and discuss their specific requirements and needs. This information will allow us to offer the best proposal of work we can for the best price.

All the websites we build are code compliant, search engine optimised, built to the highest quality, fully upgradable and the content can be easily updated and changed.

Most information style websites we design take approximately 1 to 2 weeks to complete and start from £395. Larger and more complex eCommerce websites will start from £1500 and will take 4 – 6 weeks depending on the specification.

Find out more about our web design services.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO PlymouthIf your website is new or the content is not quite up to scratch, this may be the all too common reason why no one is visiting it!

We can analyse your website in detail and correctly identify key areas that can be updated. This will then give it the best possible chance of being discovered organically and most importantly, converting website hits into customers.

Apart from a one-off search engine optimisation service (SEO), we can also offer a monthly SEO package tailored to your needs. In our mind this is the best thing you can do and it is not only our opinion, it is strongly recommended by our customers too. We would actively monitor organic search results for current and new keywords that your potential customers are searching for. We then proactively modify your website on an as needed basis. This is based on the keyword stats from the analytical techniques we employ to gather this data.

Find our more about our search engine optimisation (SEO) services.

Social Network Feed Creation and Management

Social Network Feed ManagementWith Facebook’s 1.1 billion active users and Twitter’s 200 million active users, why wouldn’t you want to engage with your current customers and meet new customers? However, actively engaging with people in these social circles can be difficult even for the tech-savvy.

“That is why we have specifically employed someone who loves to tweet and post to Facebook all day!”

We can setup your business social profiles and actively manage your Facebook posts and tweets with the latest products and services you offer. We can even run fun competitions to boost your profile exposure and following. We have done this for a number of clients and they have, for example, got over 1000 followers in a matter of weeks just by saying and doing the right thing. The followers even interact by sharing your posts and chatting to you (the business) just like a friend. This means they are more likely to spread a positive review about your business and buy your products or services. This is a proven method and has converted into actual orders for one of our eCommerce websites we built. We also maintain their social feeds.

Find our more about our social feed management.

Multi-channel eCommerce Setup

Multi-channel eCommerceWould you like to grow your online business massively and reach millions of new customers? Would you like to do this without all the hassle of working out how to sign up and going through a gruelling pre-authorisation checklist? You can with our technical know-how, in-depth knowledge of multi-channel eCommerce and contact lists. We can sign your business up to all the top professional merchant marketplaces and fully integrate your stock to be sold on Amazon, and eBay.

You don’t even need a website! There are many ways to import your current stock. For example, by CSV and Excel, or even a barcode list. The basic information required is your SKU, minimum price and maximum price you wish to sell your products for. Once this information is received we can easily import this into the stock management software and your listings will be created on as many sales channels you require within hours.

marketplacesNot only that, but incorporated into this software is a competitor price checker. It checks the price of ALL your inventory on every marketplace every hour 24/7. It reprices your products up or down depending on the price of other competitors. This means you can stay competitive 24/7 without fail 365 days of the year. Whilst being reassured every time you sell a product you are always making money. These price rules also mean you can set specific margins on different marketplaces and even price match competitors or reprice by 50p.

There is no extra cost involved for the marketplace repricing software. It is included within the inventory software.

Pricing for a multi-channel stock inventory and repricing system is:

One off setup / full integration fee of £500.

  • £50 per month for 1 marketplace, such as or
  • £75 per month for 3 marketplaces, such as, and
  • £150 per month for 4 marketplaces, such as,,, Amazon.Fr and
  • £300 per month for 5 marketplaces, such as,,, Amazon.Fr and
  • £400 per month for 5+ marketplaces, such as,,, Amazon.Fr,, and


Find our more about our multi-channel eCommerce service.

Fulfilment – Warehousing, Product, Pick, Pack and Dispatch Service

Our mail & fulfilment services are now being handled by our dedicated partner company Choice Fulfilment (Services) LTD.

If you are busy enough and would rather not be packing all day, taking vital time away from growing your business, or if you already have a job and wish to earn extra money on the side, we can store, download your orders, pick and pack your orders all in house. We can download your orders simply by a CSV feed, Excel document or email confirmations with the relevant information in, such as product name, SKU and address. Although CSV is less time-consuming and cost effective for you.

There is NO setup fee or long-term contact when using our fulfilment service.

The typical fees for us to store your goods, wrap and post them are: £0.20 storage, £0.50 pick and pack + delivery.

Fulfilment ordersIf you want to simply take advantage of our mailing rates (which are often better than the Post Office) we can do this too.

Simply drop off your mail to us and we will charge you at our standard “low” postage tariff.

Mail drop-off only tariff (only available locally at our fulfilment centre based in Union Street, Plymouth).

(No contract or minimum packages required. Simply turn up with your mail and we can weigh it and bill you at the same time).

  • Small Package = £0.50 per item.
  • Medium Package = £1.15 per item (with the weight no greater than 300g).
  • Large Package/Parcel = £2.50 per item (with the weight being no higher than 1.5 kg).
  • Extra Large Package/Parcel ranges between £3.50 and £4.50 per item (up to 3.5 kg).

All our mail is collected every night and driven directly to the Royal Mail Inward Mailing Center (IMC) for sorting overnight with the aspiration of being delivered the next day, depending on how far it has travelled from Bristol’s mailing hub (IMC).

Fulfilment agent plymouth devonFind our more about our order processing and fulfilment delivery service.

All the mail we send is generally delivered within 2 – 3 days (mostly within 48 hours we have found).

One of our fulfilment only customers was so happy with our service he came one busy day and had a photo next to all his mail he didn’t pack 🙂

PC Repair & WiFi Network Setup / Fault Finding.

Do you or your business have I.T. problems or want to upgrade your PC or WiFi network?

pc-repair-plymouthWith over 15 years I.T. experience it seems silly not to offer the full I.T. solution to new and existing customers.

We are now offering a mobile PC repair service to anyone that has any I.T. problems, concerns or if you simply want to upgrade your current computer systems or network infrastructure. We can help!
Our mobile PC repair service is available to anyone based in Plymouth and is for home or business. This means we will travel out to your home or business at a time to suit you during business hours or at a pre-agreed time.

We can work on either an ad-hoc basis or we can offer a discounted rate for long-term I.T. business servicing by way of a monthly servicing contract.

If we can’t resolve your computer problem then there is no charge applicable.

There is also NO call out charge.

We can fix most, if not all, I.T. issues. Some examples of these are:

  • Windows reinstall.
  • Data backup.
  • Data recovery.
  • Computer / laptop WiFi setup.
  • Network setup / installation.
  • Broadband installation.
  • Broadband WiFi setup.
  • Laptop / computer software upgrades.
  • Computer hardware upgrades.
  • Laptop hardware upgrades.
  • Computer software deletion.
  • Data wiping.
  • New computer setup.
  • System turning.
  • Antivirus installation and setup.
  • Virus removal.
  • Email setup on computer/PC or mobile phone.

Call today on 01752 296 666.

Website Maintenance

Webdesign Design in PlymouthIf you already have a website but struggle to find the time to update it yourself, or your current web host charges an extortionate amount to update your website – we can help!

It’s not just about adding fresh, new content, we can introduce small back-end updates which can help your customers engage more with your business, such as Facebook and Twitter feeds on your website. We would also create new banners / promotional images to give your site a fresh new look if required. We are here to help you build and grow your website with you.

With the recent changes at Google and Bing, it is now essential to update your website regularly to ensure your rankings do not get affected negatively. Google will naturally crawl your website every few weeks so it’s best practice to update your website at least once every 4 weeks as a bare minimum. Although, once a week or bi-weekly is best. It does not effect the price as it would be equally split between different weeks for the month.

Not only that, your website needs to look and feel like you care about your business and the customers you are trying to engage with. A website is very much like a shop window into what your business looks like. Every customer wants to feel like you have taken the time for them by giving them the information they require, quickly and efficiently. If they feel like it’s a “dead website”, it gives the wrong impression. The customer would either think you’ve gone out of business or simply do not care about the impression you give to potential and existing customers.

“It’s all about adding well written, engaging and rich content on a regular basis”

We offer 2 levels of website maintenance with a 3rd bespoke website maintenance service tailored to your exact needs.

If you have an information / brochure style website (not eCommerce), the below maintenance packages are best suited.

Website Maintenance Service 1:

Up to 2 hours per month of updates to your website – £25.

Website Maintenance Service 2:

We host your website and offer up to 2 hours per month of updates to your website – £30.

We can offer a tailored website maintenance package to suit all clients’ needs. For example, if you run an accountancy firm and just require a couple of blog / news posts and basic information updated every week or once a month, our package is perfect. Or if you have an eCommerce site and require a number of updates per week or month, we can discuss the best price for you. Although if you only require a few updates per month, then one of the above quoted packages would suffice.

Call us today on 01752 296 666 and we will be happy to talk over the phone or meet face to face to find out more about your business and what is required.

Want to hear how we can help your business? We’re only a phone call away…

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