Social Media Management

We can promote your business via the top social network channels like Twitter and Facebook.

Just from the feedback of one of our customers, it has proven to drive new customers to their website and even returned sales.

It can be very daunting working out which social network account to sign up to, whether its Blogger, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ or even Pinterest. It has to be right for your business. For example, if you were a financial adviser, there would be little point uploading photos about your business onto Instagram or Pinterest. However, for a fashion designer, it would be perfect. Little things like that are massively important and knowing the differences and which social network to join and start connecting with customers is key.

Social network feed management in Plymouth.Using our own experience and knowledge, we can work out which social network platform is right for your business so it is able to relate and portray the correct impression to your current and potentially new customers.

With Facebook’s 1.86 billion active users and Twitter’s 319 million active users, why wouldn’t you want to engage with your current customers and meet new customers? However, actively engaging with people in any social circles can be difficult, even for the tech-savvy.

That is why we have specifically employed someone who loves to tweet, pin, blog and post to Facebook all day!

Twitter FeedsWe can set up your business social profiles for you and can either go through how each one works and how best to interact or we can actively manage your social networks for you with the latest products and services you offer. We can even run fun competitions to boost your profile exposure and following. We have done this for a number of clients and they have, for example, got over 1000 followers in a matter of weeks just by saying and doing the right thing. Followers even interact by sharing their posts and chatting to you (the business) just like a friend. This means they are more likely to spread a positive review about your business and buy your products or services. This is a proven method and has been converted into actual orders for one of our eCommerce clients.

The setup and managed services we offer are:

  • For a one-off setup fee we can setup, integrate and advise how to best manage your social networks for £200.
  • Or we can manage your social accounts for you for £95 per month with a one-off setup fee of £200.

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Social Media Management
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