Hosting Fair Usage Policy

PL1 Web Design endeavour to provide a great service for all our hosting customers. This is why we have set out a few guidelines below that will help to prevent abuse and 1 or 2 customers having a negative impact on the rest. We want all our customers to receive fast and reliable hosting. We offer different hosting packages with set limits on disk space and monthly data transfer. If you exceed these limits, we will offer you an upgrade to the next package up if possible. If you exceed the limits on the Gold package, we will get in touch with you to discuss a custom package that will suit your requirements.

Some businesses will need hundreds or thousands of different email addresses for all their employees and we have no problem with customers using our services for this purpose. Thousands of email addresses can also be used for spam and phishing attacks. If you use our services for any illegal activity or regularly use our service in a way deemed inappropriate by us, we reserve the right to suspend or cancel your account with immediate effect. If you would like to discuss our fair usage policy further, please contact us.

Fair Usage Policy
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