Federation of Small BusinessesPlymouth based PL1 Web Design is now a member of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). The Federation of Small Businesses is the UK’s largest campaigning pressure group promoting and protecting the interests of the self-employed and owners of small firms. Having been first formed in 1974, the FSB now has around 200,000 members, spanning 33 regions. As the leading business organisation in the UK, members are rewarded with high quality business services, which is greatly beneficial to small, independent Plymouth businesses such as PL1 Web Design. The FSB takes pride in sharing a combined vision for the self-employed and small business owners within the UK, acting as a community that recognises, values and rewards the efforts of these independent companies, enabling them to grow within the community and build towards a brighter future, which is why PL1 Web Design is thrilled to be part of this community and the services it provides.

Joining the Federation of Small Businesses has numerous benefits that have attracted thousands of business owners all over the UK. These include the following:

• Tax Investigation Protection Insurance.
• Legal Protection Scheme.
• Employment Law Advice.
• Health & Safety Law Advice.
• Online Legal Documents.
• Health Care Advice.
• Financial Health Check.

The FSB has supported businesses for over 40 years with their membership package. This provides a range of benefits intended to aid small businesses in a competitive local climate. It’s more important than ever for Plymouth businesses like PL1 Web Design to gain all the benefits these organisations can provide in a bid to top competition and build a successful business. For example, all FSB members gain support to protect their business, save money and expand. These services can range from Insurance Servicing to Pension Schemes. Membership also provides access to networking events and business leads. Networking is great way for Plymouth businesses to interact with other small businesses, making contacts and promoting services all in a cost-effective manner.

It makes sense for any Plymouth business to be interested in the FSB, as not only do members gain access to many benefits, all intended to aid their business, but the goals of the organisation itself directly aim to support all of its members through a certain criteria that the company incorporates into its values. The FSB like to retain as many members as possible, promote and protect the interests of their members, as well as publicising to a wide market the positives of self-employment and business ownership. Furthermore, due to the ever changing nature of business, the FSB are always aware of the needs of its members and how to adapt and meet these needs on a continuous basis, so both the organisation and its business members can grow and expand. Expanding is the ultimate goal of most businesses. With the support of communities such as the Federation of Small Businesses this is exactly what PL1 Web Design intendeds to do as we hope to become the top web design company in Plymouth.

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