General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)Website Compliance

The GDPR, compulsory from 25th May 2018, requires new levels of transparency, informed consent, and data portability, on-going access to personal data, information about its use and sharing with third parties.

We offer a GDPR website compliance package to address these requirements in one simple bundle. An audit will be undertaken to assess changes required which could include some, or all of the following:


Are You GDPR compliant?

Form compliance;
All forms (including user registrations and comment boxes) on your current site will be adapted and preferences set to include the following compulsory changes:


  • Active Opt-in.
  • Unbundled Opt-in.
  • Granular Opt-in.
  • Easy to withdraw permission or Opt-Out.
  • Change frequency of communication.
    Third party communication consent.

SSL Certificate;
The GDPR calls for more emphasis on data security.  If your site doesn’t have a SSL certificate already installed (Secure Sockets Layer), one will be added.  It is a technology that uses the encrypted connection between server and web browser to significantly reduce the risk of a data breach.  Please note that these certificates need to be renewed on an annual basis.  The cost is included in this package but on renewal there will be a fee to be paid of £80.

Privacy Policy;
A concise and transparent privacy policy on which personal data points you’re using, how they are being processed and stored will be applied to your site.

Terms & Conditions;
T&Cs will be updated to reference GDPR terminology.  If your site does not currently have T&Cs, a basic policy will be added.

On-line payments;
For e-commerce websites, a policy will be added explaining the data collection process applied whilst using a payment gateway for financial transactions.

Third party tracking software;
If third party tracking software is used on your site, a policy will be added which contains a clear and concise description and purpose of the service.

Data Cleansing Policy;
Data cleansing is usually the action of identifying and then removing or amending any data which is incorrect, incomplete and duplicated.  Under the incoming GDPR changes, data can now be deemed as irrelevant or unnecessary. A data cleansing policy will be applied to your site.

Data Breach Policy;
Under the GDPR compliance, if your website is experiencing a data breach of any kind, that breach needs to be communicated to your users.  A notification must be sent within 72 hours of first becoming aware of a breach.  A data breach policy will be created and applied to your site

Please note this GDPR compliance package only applies to your website.  Under the new regulations, changes being introduced with GDPR will permeate your entire business.  We strongly recommend that you seek further advice on business compliance.  Information can be found on the ICO website

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You do not need to be a client of PL1 Web Design to purchase our GDPR package, however additional fee’s from your provider may be required for the SSL certificate. You will be contacted after the purchase for any essential website usernames/passwords to allow us to access your website and ensure its GDPR compliant.

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