How to best market your business

There are so many ways to promote your business now, word of mouth, the internet, large printed advertising. However, often when your business is all set up how do you work out what is the best way for you to market? If you are a small business making handmade items,...

Understanding VAT

Firstly, lets address the abbreviation that is ‘VAT’. VAT stands for Value Added Tax and as a business your knowledge of VAT should go above and beyond what the general person may understand, because it could be the difference between your business running legally or...

How to start a business

You’ve got a business idea! You have passion, drive and excitement to make it a success, so what’s next? Here’s a few pieces of advice for you, to create your successful business. Firstly, you need to write a business plan. You need to have real expectations about...

Is your website ready for Christmas?

Start planning your online Christmas and New Year strategy as early as possible to maximise potential to reach your customers and reap the benefit of lead generation.  For many businesses, the Christmas period is a prime time for consumer acquisition and conversion....

5 Old School SEO No No’s

Using SEO methods that were once common can be alluring, but this can also prove dangerous to your search strategy as algorithms are changing all the time. So, at PL1 Web Design, we will tell you 5 old school SEO practices that you should ditch in favour of more efficient and modern alternatives.

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