Connections South West

Connections South West is based in Plymouth and is a local family run business. They specialise in Airport Transfers and Seaport Transfers and have been in business over 30 years. They are also one of the first Airport Transfer companies to offer FREE WiFi / Internet Access while traveling.

Website Design

We were originally tasked with Optimising their website, the original website was very dated. So part of the Search Engine Optimisation package we re-build the site, but tried to maintain the original look of the website because a complete re-design was not part of the spec/contract. Upon re-building the whole website which retained the design we were able to carry out the Search Engine Optimisation across the whole website.
Our own custom blend of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) worked very well for them. So we were given the chance to completely re-design their website, however the customer was very specific with the design they required, so we could not implement everything we wanted to and this is what you see today.

Design Information

We have got very good at Brochure website design and have increased our happy customer base through word of mouth and by simply appearing very well placed in the Search Engines through our own Search Engine Optimisation. If you would like a quote for a website or Search Engine Optimisation, please contact PL1 Web Design today.