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Mark from Fantastic Parties started performing close up magic at just 6 years old for friends family, my favourite close up magic trick at the time was one where a signed match was broken by a spectator and then restored by me. I progressed to stage shows before I reached my teens. I used to invent and build my own unique tricks and illusions and by the late 80s early 90s was touring U.K at Sea and abroad with my spectacular illusion show “DangerZone” and my props and illusions were being bought by other U.K and International acts.

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The current Website Design was very outdated and was not optimised for Search Engines so we were happy to completely modernise the website with our own unique features and design. As well as a full website re-design we carried out extensive Search Engine Optimisation to get it highly ranked as it was suffering. After a couple of months of work, many of the keywords and phrases they required to be coming up high in Search Results they are now on page 1 and sometimes have 2 or 3 listings on page 1 because of the work we have done.

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We have got very good at Brochure website design and have increased our happy customer base through word of mouth and by simply appearing very well placed in the Search Engines through our own Search Engine Optimisation. If you would like a quote for a website or Search Engine Optimisation, please contact PL1 Web Design today.

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