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We are based in the main area of Plymouth (Plymouth City Centre) and have been designing websites since 2000. Our team are passionate about design and we are proud to work with clients from Truro.

Truro’s a city and civil parish in Cornwall, England, United Kingdom. It is Cornwall’s county town, only city, and centre for administration, leisure and retail. Truro’s population was recorded as 18,766 in the 2011 census. People from Truro are known as Truronians. As the most southern city in mainland Great Britain, Truro grew as a centre of trade from its port and then as a stannary town for the tin mining industry. Its cathedral was completed in 1910. Places of interest include the Royal Cornwall Museum, the Hall for Cornwall and Cornwall’s Courts of Justice.

website design truro
Web design company truro

Website Design Truro

We cover all the Plymouth area helping businesses with their website design. An attractive site is far more likely to generate a positive impression and keep visitors on your site once they arrive. We can work with any business, large or small, and help to populate their website as well as make their website more visually appealing, polished and professional looking. We design your site to help reflect your company, your products and your services.


  • When it comes to content, we thoroughly examine for typos, incorrect grammar and punctuation, and misspellings. Spelling mistakes and bad grammar are as unforgivable on a website as they are in other company materials.
  • We use an appropriate colour scheme containing primary colours that will blend well and create a clear tone for your business.
  • We also use high quality photography to help the visual appeal of your website. High quality product images are especially important for online retailers; it looks more professional and is eye catching for the customers.
  • Content, along with style, is a must have for your site as your audience is looking for information that will help them make a decision. It should be informative and relevant.
  • Every component of your site should work quickly and correctly. Broken or poorly constructed components will only leave your visitors frustrated and disillusioned with your company. Across the spectrum, everything should work as expected, including hyperlinks, contact forms, site searching, event registration and checkout (if applicable).

SEO Truro

Google is the world’s largest search engine and dominates 90% of all search activity. That means 9 out of 10 of your customers use Google to begin their search journey. Our team are experts when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). We stay updated on the algorithms which Google uses to decide which content to rank within search results, which means our clients don’t have to worry about it. In today’s competitive market, SEO is more important than ever. Search engines serve millions of users per day looking for what they want. We work with you in the beginning to decide on the keywords you want your site to appear for on Google. You will receive monthly SEO reports detailing website traffic (how many views your website attracts in the month) and page rankings (what page your website appears when we run a keyword search). We will then detail our proposed strategies in the upcoming month to improve your rankings, and therefore website traffic and enquiries.

SEO Truro

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