During my time in year 10, we were all told that we had to find a company to experience work with because I have an interest in computers and graphic design I decide to apply to do work experience with one of the local web designing companies which was PL1 Web Design. After sending an email to Dan (The company owner) asking if I could do my work experience week at PL1 Web Design he agreed.

After experiencing the last 5 days at PL1 Web Design I can now say that PL1 Web Design is a great company to be a part of, everyone is really friendly and nice. I would definitely recommend to anyone who has an interest in web design to do their work experience at PL1 Web Design because this experience has really helped me make important decisions towards my future. I would also recommend it to anyone who needs a website made because the websites that they make are brilliant.

To say the least this experience has been eye opening, it has given me a really good insight on the world of work and everything that involves. This experience has also given me the idea of what grades I will need if I want a future job in web design.